WELD treatment

WELD treatment


.......with P-Laser technology increases the QUALITY and the LIFETIME of the weld.

POST WELD CLEANING is often required to remove the impurities of the weld to avoid corrosion.

Conventional technologies such as grinding, blasting, sanding, chemicals are Labor intensive, difficult to automate, environmental cost and safety risk and result in poor weld quality.

P-LASER technology is able to automate the cleaning immediatly after the welding.

  • Impurities are removed to a higher extent even in the cracks.
  • The oxidation process is reduced to a minimum and the life time of the weld is maximised.
  • High benefits can be achieved when the materials are placed in high oxidizing environment such as in the proximity of sea. Windmill producers have already discovered the benefits.

PRE-WELD CLEANING even offers greater results. The impurities are removed by LASER just before the weld takes place, so removing all impurities and increasing the quality of the weld.

  • P-Laser technology is able to automate the cleaning of the sides of the metal to be welded to each other, even very thick plates can be cleaned. 
WELD treatment

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