RUST removal

DE-Rusting or OXIDE REMOVAL with P-Laser technology:

the use of P-LASER CLEANING technology offers the advantage that

  • No agressive cleaning methods are used that will attack or damage the base metal.
  • This means longer parts life time.
  • The cleaning is very deep or can be done in different levels.
  • The metal is prepared to allow coating or coating with much higher quality and life time
  • The surface after the cleaning is now more resistant to re-oxidation.



Due to the use of different laser projection profiles (see photo on the right).

The results can be optimised so that the ablation is improved and the surface of the base metal is undamaged.



Also non ferro materials can be cleaned such as ALUMINIUM, INOX or even POLISED Metals, but each metal and process is different and should be tested in our LABORATORY upfront.


RUST removal

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