NDT of NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTEN preparation of the surface

Most common used conventional technology of NDT is "penetrant-test". A liquid is spayed on a clean surface and onder UV / Black light this liquid is highlighted.

First the surface needs to be cleaned in order to better see the cracks or damages.

Most common used cleaning process is "grinding", "sanding" or sometimes "blasting".

The disadvantage is then that the base metal is attacked or that the cracks are closed again by the bombardment of the blasting medium.

P-LASER CLEANING technology offers the advantage that;

  • The surface is cleaned up to the highest level, 
  • Even the inside of the cracks is cleaned ( use of TYPE 1 LASERS at low power)
  • Better detection results because the cracks are better detectable.
  • High speads compared to other processes
  • NO DAMAGE to BASE METAL and thus longer lifetime of the parts tested.
  • NO environmental cost or impact
  • NO WASTE ( simple vacuum cleaning)

Typical P-LASER SOLUTION : QF20w to 50W - manual scanner.



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