P-LASER GREECE can offer next services:

  • Research and development
  • Testing in our Laboratory in Belgium (from 2019 in Greece)
  • Integration of the P-Laser system into you operational process. (project management)




  • Laser cleaning technology is still in evolution. We constantly look for better LASER-SOURCE providers, improved LASER-TYPES, SCANNER-TYPES etc..
  • Together with P-LASER BELGIUM we look for the best configuration in order to make a tailor made solution for your application.
  • The biggest demand of the market today is cleaning at high speed (m2/min) and integration into the customers operational process. Therefor P-LASER BELGIUM is developing (inhouse)  LASER SCANNER TYPES that are able to go 1000 times faster.


  • Because the customers applications are always particular, there is a need to TEST the proposed LASER SYSTEM CONFIGURATION on the materials provided by the customer.
  • The customer is able to have samples tested in a very short time in the LABORATORY in BELGIUM at a minor cost.
  • Multiple LASER CONFIGURATIONS are available and we can try and optimise them in our LABORATORY.


  • P-LASER Greece has the ability to take on the project management for the integration of the P-LASER SYSTEM into the operational process of the customer,  although we prefer that the lead is taken by the customer since this is the best way to assure a fast intervention and low outage cost in case of fall outs.



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