P-Laser: application MOULD cleaning

Mould or Mold Cleaning in next instrustries can be done with P_LASER technology:

  • Glass bottles

  • PET bottles

  • Plastics

  • Rubber ( tires )

  • Polymers

  • even with removal of teflon coating


The use of P-LASER technology will have the next advantages:

  • no contact so no wear
  • no attach of the base metal, longer MOULD LIFETIME
  • able to clean the finest porosities
  • No use of blasting medium so LOW WASTE (simple vacuum cleaner)
  • no use of chemicals so NO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT NOR COST
  • long laser-source lifetime
  • different clean-levels can be achieved

Typical P-LASER solution : QF-50W until 500W (depending on cleaning speed)

 Click here to find a technical note on MOULD CLEANING


P-Laser: application MOULD cleaning

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