LASER CLEANING offers many advantages compared to the conventional methods as "Blasting, Chemical Cleaning, Grinding, Thermal".

Although we do not see it as a replacement, but rather a solution to your problems


  • ECO-Friendly
  • No contact, No impact on the base material
  • No medium is used, only electricity ( light )
  • High Quality (clean) and reliability (reproductivity)
  • Extreme LASER source lifetime - no outage time
  • Avoid the use of chemicals, better safety and lower environmental cost
  • Low dust production (no mediums)
  • Easy to integrate in a "production line" thus lowering the operational cost
  • low running cost
  • Lower sensitivity to re-oxidation after the cleaning

What is unique about P-Laser :

  • Unique and effective laser beam patterns (cleansweep) help to optimise the 
  • Software Home-Made in Belgium, LASER systems made in Belgium.
  • Most competitive price on the market
  • Multiple applications
  • Test Laboratory
  • We work together with you to find a "tailor-made" solution that perfectly fits your needs


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